Jacky Dahlhaus

I'm a writer, director, wife, and mother


I'm a writer, director, wife, and mother

Let's get the quirkiness out of the way first. I'm a twin, married a twin, and have twins.

I began writing at the ripe age of forty-seven without a literary background, and just finished my paranormal Suckers Trilogy (myBook.to/Suckers1). I've worked hard to learn as much as I could about writing and am getting better all the time. I blog about writing, authors, movies, TV series, my weight loss journey (a never-ending story), my short stories, and all sorts on my website, jackydahlhaus.com

Since 2015, I joined and now run a local writers' club (www.facebook.com/meldrumwritersgroup/). I'm also an administrator at One Stop Fiction Authors' Resource Group on FB (www.facebook.com/groups/OneStopFictionBookMarketing/).

In 2016, I set up a film club (www.facebook.com/groups/aberdeenshirefilmproductions/) of which I am the writer, producer, and director (but we're looking for someone to take over the producing/directing function!).

I love helping people in any way I can, particularly writing better. Oh, and renovating our Victorian Schoolhouse :)


  • Veterinarian

  • High School Science Teacher

  • Office Manager

  • Secretary

  • Lover

  • Mother

  • veterinary science

  • graduate diploma of education