Bree Weber

I test seemingly impossible business ideas and career paths for a living.


I test seemingly impossible business ideas and career paths for a living.

I launched Pig Pilots as a venture to pilot business ideas and test out career paths that are seem impossible. 

So far, I've been an indie musician, pet photographer and tech trainer for senior citizens. Most recently, I was a video game streamer on Twitch.

Once a week, I randomly roll a business idea/career path from a master list of hard-to-get-into industries and "dream jobs" to try out against some rigorous requirements. That chosen pilot idea needs to pass 3 tests:

  • Passion – passionate about or enjoy the work of the pilot idea
  • Purpose  – there is a market need not already or easily filled
  • Profit – the pilot idea can earn money to provide full time income

One week is not a lot of time to meet all three goals, so progress is measured incrementally based on 'drop-off' conditionals. This metric of success is so named because each will 'drop off' the conditionals list once they've been met. 

For my video game streamer pilot idea, my current conditionals are:

  1. Monetary – donations/sub/tips/etc
  2. Engagement – followers
  3. Viewership – viewers

Conditions that have been met cannot be reactivated and added back to the list until I've met a monetary conditional. This is because profit is given the highest priority. Before being added back to the list, the met conditionals are modified by a multiplier based on their priority then reactivated on the conditionals list.

  1. Monetary x 1.5
  2. Engagement x 1.4
  3. Viewership x 1.3

If I do not meet any conditionals in a week, the pilot idea fails, and I re-roll for the next.

Every week is different and challenging. Some pilot ideas have failed almost immediately, while with others, I have made tremendous gains, proving that sometimes the impossible is possible and pigs can fly!