I'm Mark Fershteyn, the Director of Admissions at App Academy, the leading coding bootcamp in SF & NYC. We help you to become a software developer in only 3 months. AMA!

Jan 10, 2018

Hey all, I run the Admissions office at App Academy, a full-time immersive coding bootcamp in San Francisco and New York.

We help students go from zero coding knowledge to being employed at a top company (Google, Facebook, etc) in only 3 months. The best part is that the class is free until you land a job. If you don't land a job, you don't pay (placement rate is over 95% currently). 

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What’s a good example of actions being taken as a result of student feedback?

Jan 17, 5:58AM EST0

Are there any guest speakers from whom we can hear practical experiences?

Jan 17, 1:48AM EST0

What technical skills your students need to know in order to start learning about making apps?

Jan 13, 2:32PM EST0

Basic typing skills, general knowledge of computers and how they more or less work. 

Jan 16, 12:26PM EST0

Is a college degree required?

Jan 13, 2:28PM EST0

Nope! A decent percentage of our students don't have college degrees when they start the course. 

Jan 16, 12:26PM EST0

Do you know how many of your students have been employed by the big companies that you mentioned - Google, Facebook?

Jan 12, 9:50AM EST0

Are there any job guarantees?

Jan 11, 3:56PM EST0

No there aren't, but over 95% of our graduates find a job for an average of $105k in SF ($90k in NYC). If you choose the Deferred Tuition plan, then you won't pay unless you get a job. 

Jan 11, 5:03PM EST0

How many projects can I expect to have in my portfolio?

Jan 11, 10:45AM EST0

You should expect around 3 significant projects that show off your full-stack skills, and at least 10 specialized work samples focused on different skill sets. 

Jan 11, 12:34PM EST0

How is your boot camp different from, for example, any online coding course I can find on Udemy or Coursera?

Jan 11, 4:49AM EST0

Great question! First off, you can absolutely learn enough for free on the web to become a professional programmer. The amount of information out there is really incredible. 

However, it might take you years. A really big draw from a full-time intensive course like App Academy is the structure and accountability (just like in college). You HAVE to learn something by a deadline, or you won't do well on your assessment and might fail the course. Plus, the curriculum is constantly evolving and improving to the market demand, so you're guaranteed to learn the best new tech, instead of that outdated Udemy course someone put up a year ago. 

If you can learn everything on your own in a quick pace, you should definitely try that first :)

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Jan 11, 12:37PM EST0

Are there any particular hours of the classes? Can someone with a job attend or they have to be free during working hours?

Jan 10, 8:28PM EST0

Since the course is full-time and very intensive, for the most part you'll have to attend 9am-6pm every weekday for 3 months. 

Jan 11, 12:38PM EST1

Whare do you get your tutors? Are they all the same or changing?

Jan 10, 6:10PM EST0

Actually all of our tutors are top students who graduate from our program. After every cohort, we invite the top students to teach the next few cohorts for as long as they'd like. 

Jan 10, 7:19PM EST0

Is there an age limit for signing up? How many times a week classes are held in your boot camp?

Jan 10, 4:55PM EST0

No age limit! One of App Academy's goals is to provide opportunities for under represented communities in the tech world, whether it's age, demographic, gender, or anything else. 

Jan 10, 7:42PM EST0

Do students in your camp have one-on-one needed attention from your lecturers or is it more like a group teaching?

Jan 10, 3:41PM EST0

Definitely a mix of both. There are lectures in the morning, and students are organized into small circles that are led by an Instructor. The students can approach TA's and ask questions whenenver they want as well

Jan 11, 12:39PM EST0

Is there any previous testing in which you decide who can join your boot camp or we are all welcome?

Jan 10, 3:23PM EST0

Everyone is welcome! With App Academy's deferred tuition, you won't have to pay until you receive a job (students find jobs over 95% of the time), which opens up the career choice to a lot of new groups. Check out the FAQ to learn more

Jan 10, 4:36PM EST0

What topics do you cover in the bootcamp as fields of expertise?

Jan 10, 3:01PM EST0

Hey Ashley, you can see a pretty good rundown of the topics in our curriculum

Jan 11, 7:44PM EST0

I'm interested in mobile app development. Does your boot camp include some kind of certificate or diploma after I finish it?

Jan 10, 2:55PM EST0

There isn't any kind of certificate, but a LOT of companies are familiar with App Academy and it's reputation. The course does focus on web development, but a decent amount of our students go work in mobile app development. 

Jan 11, 12:43PM EST0

Does your course include pair-programming?

Jan 10, 2:38PM EST0

Yep, around 75% of the course is actually pair-programming. We believe it's the best way to learn the depths of programming.  

Jan 10, 4:38PM EST0

What are the most common misconceptions about coding you get to hear?

Jan 10, 2:37PM EST0

Great question! The most stereotypical one is that programming is only for math geniuses. That's not the case at all. We've had students from all sorts of backgrounds and career choices attend. 

Jan 10, 4:39PM EST0

What if I am unable to meet the attendance requirements?

Jan 10, 2:37PM EST0

Unfortunately the curriculum is really demanding, so we don't recommend attending if you plan on missing more than a few day.

Jan 10, 4:44PM EST0

Is it really possible to learn coding in 3 months or those are the basics and then you have to build on it?

Jan 10, 2:17PM EST0

It really is possible. That being said, it's incredibly difficult. At App Academy we joke that our students "eat, sleep, and code" which is pretty much the truth for those 3 months. The bright side is that after successfully completing the program, they're able to get a job with an average salary of $106k (in SF) nearly 96% of the time. 

Jan 10, 4:45PM EST0

How accessible are the teachers and teaching assistants? Do you offer services for students needing help or tutoring?

Jan 10, 2:09PM EST0

Super accessible. When I'm leaving the office, it's not unusual to see TA's and students working together late into the night. 

Jan 11, 12:43PM EST0
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