app consultant | analyst | developer ( frontend | backend ) ask me anything in app development from business to delivery

Saleh Aljabarty Mo
Apr 13, 2018

Hi, I am a senior app (web) consultant, analyst & developer. I am here to help you know what you need to know about technology/app and help you understand the concepts in my area of expertise as simple as I can (:

so you can ask me about

app - from a business point of perspective to help you better understand what exactly you "require"

app - from a development perspective to better know what is "required"


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What is the most tedious part of developing an app?
Apr 19, 4:17PM EDT0
What is the appropriate amount of time needed to test out a new app?
Apr 19, 5:44AM EDT0

testing can be a 5 min job or a department job .. it all depends on 2 things:

1- how big and deep is the app

2- company policy, since some companies follow delivery standards on how they test the app i know some who go far as making, you can read about it and have a idea in this article

Apr 19, 6:04AM EDT0

How do you find new clients?  How do you go about pricing and charging your clients?

Apr 17, 12:24PM EDT0

thats a business matter ..  i start after words

Apr 19, 5:59AM EDT0
What is the most successful/popular app you have developed?
Apr 17, 6:48AM EDT0
How does one make money from app development?
Apr 16, 9:34PM EDT0

an app developer is not a business developer

if you want ot make business as a app developer you have 2 choices:

1- be part of a app development community and support other developers ( teaching and solution development )

2- find a business partner that will utlize your skills to develop a product or a services

Apr 17, 3:31AM EDT0
How much time do you spend debugging an app?
Apr 16, 10:23AM EDT0

it takes 25% to 35% to test and debug the app from total project time .. that is a true story

Apr 16, 12:37PM EDT0
Did you have an education in app development?
Apr 16, 2:07AM EDT0

most education now is online .. i dont think that univercities can compete anymore .. @ least in tech

Apr 16, 7:32AM EDT0

thus, it is getting harder to identify skilled people without clear certification standard

Apr 16, 7:33AM EDT0
From the initial thought to the end result, how long typically does it take to develop an app?
Apr 15, 4:39PM EDT0

depending on the depth of the details, it can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 year

Apr 16, 7:19AM EDT0
What are some of the questions one must ask their client prior to developing an app?
Apr 14, 2:40PM EDT0

what is your goal?

what is your requirment?

what do you need?

Apr 14, 4:05PM EDT0
What is your favorite app that you have developed?
Apr 14, 12:55PM EDT0

the inventory app .. because it was built based on a custom code and allow user to add new sections right from the database

Last edited @ Apr 14, 4:04PM EDT.
Apr 14, 4:04PM EDT0
From which avenues do you prefer to pull content for your apps and what are the reasons for your choice?
Apr 14, 4:48AM EDT0

i dont do content producing, and i strongly belive to leave it to the a Content Editor to do it he should know and have all the resources he need

Apr 14, 4:56AM EDT0
What are some of the easiest ways one can generate revenue with one's app?
Apr 13, 10:41PM EDT0

revenue generation is marketing related

Apr 13, 11:11PM EDT0
What are some of the cost-effective methods one can use when developing an app?
Apr 13, 8:47PM EDT0

stay on core objectives

use open source

Apr 13, 11:10PM EDT0
How should one determine as to whether the app they want to develop is unique while simultaneously being publicly needed?
Apr 13, 8:47PM EDT0

research & marketing

Apr 13, 11:10PM EDT0
What kind of special app features have you created or been involved with?
Apr 13, 7:55AM EDT0

connecting enterprice level database with a web based app that runs in booth desktop and mobile :

Apr 13, 8:42AM EDT0
What are some of the more popular mobile apps you have been involved with in your career and what specific role did you play in each?
Apr 13, 5:52AM EDT0

i did a inventory app it runs over web and mobile ..

Apr 13, 8:41AM EDT0
What kind of Smartphone do you use and what are the reasons for your choice?
Apr 13, 5:18AM EDT0

curently using a W&O chinese mobile which i got for 100$, just for calls, chat and social media

Apr 13, 8:39AM EDT0
What are the types of people you prefer to work with when developing a new app and why?
Apr 10, 10:06PM EDT0

i like to work with people who are free thinkers when it comes to creativity and sandbox minded when it comes to goals

Apr 11, 12:49AM EDT0
What have been some of your most successful products and projects?
Apr 10, 2:03PM EDT0

check my linked in page :

Apr 11, 12:47AM EDT0
How did you estimate costs and schedule for your project?
Apr 10, 1:49PM EDT0

no clear plan .. no clear cost

first plan and create a wireframe with all ap screens

then calculate the dev cost and provide qoutation

Apr 11, 12:45AM EDT0
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